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16 Jan



Dr. Harpers said we can lose up to 20 lbs aka more or less 10 kg in 3 weeks…

40 – 40 – 20 food

40%protein, 40%carbohydrate and 20%fats

no fried foods, no alchohol, complex carbohydrate only in the morning, eat as much as you like in vegetables. women in 800 calories, man in 1200 calorie. It is a very low calorie diet. It is not a yoyo diet, get your micronutrients.

Skinny rule: eat no complex carbohydrate after breakfast.Those are the grains, breads etc, the carbohydrate are simple throughout the day: fruits and vegetables.

Drink the water: 16 ounches of water before every single meal.

You never getting fat eating brocolli, eat as many vegetable as you want.




16 Jan


MAKE YOUR DAYS ARE GOING UP TO THE STAIRS OF HEALTH, not stable and not going down.





  • Eliminate micowave to eliminate the radiation caused by it.
  • Exercise
  • Drink water
  • MSGs elimination
  • put plants around your house
  • get sun when it just rises up and sunset
  • get berries
  • do cleansing in the body

These are the keys to health.

How does healthy body eliminate toxins?

  1. Respiration = Aerobic activity: 30 minutes daily: cells-smaller scale
  2. Diaphoresis (sweating) = aerobic activities: 30 minutes daily.
  3. Defecation: 2 – 4bowel movements daily.
  4. Urination: no nite urination
  5. menses: post menopausal- progesteron – HRT

NASCENT IODINE: needed for the women, for the body needed.

drink purified or distiled water with organic apple vinegar, raw apple cider vinegar


what makes you happy, love, excitement, exercise massage, music, relaxation, meditation., learning about self- setting goals, adequate sleep – sunrise sunset, , having fun – hobbies

there are huge and affects your stress level

Health=self confidence. Self confidence = success

information from: Dr.Group.




12 Jan


HIHIHI JUDUL yang catchy yaaa…

pokoke 2017 inih kudu mesti tetep kudu mesti tercapai usaha sehatnya…

walau tercapai nanti pun tetep terus seumur hidup akan hidup sehat amien,..

coz i don’t wanna be … ga mau penuh penyakit, oleh sebabnya… mesti slalu diusahakan gimana caranya agar sehat selalu dan tidak hanya temporer sajaa… tidak yoyo etc..apalagi for those who are not picky of foods,.. enjoys culinary etc.. moi aussi… well anyway… sudah enjoy lotsa different varieties of food bfore,.. now and forward only food that are beneficial for your health ..

gw seneng banget my progress from before, the GM diet lose 4 kg and for 4 months after the diet I gained only 1kg, so still lost 3 kg.  Now is the plan for the rest of 2017.

Pertama – tama, i agree we must set a standard of what we are eating daily.

From now on, i will be aware of what i’m putting in my mouth, so by now to make it more official. I will eat healthy nutritious food everyday except for that 1 free day of enjoying a bit of junkie. I will choose SATURDAY for it, any other day limited to good nutritious food yay, i know good nutritious food would be yummy too…

I am not gonna make limitation of what kind of foods as if in the diets before , only that i know would be nutritionist and good for the body.

So what I GOTTA DO NOW,..

1. check out whats in my fridge, are they healthy, if not do not eat, if u can’t hold throw or give it away.

2. Food diary in small pocket books to carry around every day n write all ur consume of       food. the more simple your daily eat easier to write (not make it like huge long food               list) hahha.

3. A day of 30 minutes minimum of exercise everyday in one week. Tidak akan                         membatasi tipe olahraganya. Yang penting dalam sehari ada 30 sporty move.

4. Ga sering2 menimbang dueh,.. bikin sutres ajha.. hihi.. just gonna do my plan and             stick it and my next weighting is gonna be end of this month of JANUARY. As there               are 12 months in a year, I would do measurements 12 times.. why coz im not in a                     hurry instant weightloss i just need progress that sticks.

It’s time untuk meramu ya… dan pastinya akan tak update kalau sudah berhasil..or at least half the way there 😉




11 Jan

HORAYYYY Kita dah memasuki 2017!!!! Tak terasa…………waktu berlalu dan sekarang sudah hampir akhir dari minggu ke-2 di bulan JANUARY..

JADI… apa rencananya???????? jangan biarkan waktu berlalu begitu saja…hmm terakhir posting oktober 2016 dan sekarang sudah january 2017. 3 months gone by!

JADI… ceritanya di JORDAN WINTER DINGIIIN BANGEEET…tiap kali kayanya maunya ngeteh with sugar, ngopi, pokoke yang anget anget d. Plus it was holiday season, my family came here and we had tons of culinary and holiday, we visited petra etc..


YO HELLOW I need to rewrite this… gw edit dari post sebelumnya yang nulis gw naik 3 kg, gw salah waktu nulis naik 3 kg.. haha gw nimbang pake full winter clothes when actually my weight stays the same… so..

totally dr turun 4kg dengan diet GM gw cuma naik sekilo (UDAH DARI september 2016 sampe saat ini January 2017) .  Jadi sebenernya udah sangat menuju ke kesuksesan hahahha.

tahun ini tahun dedikasi benar – benar buat next weight loss untuk selama lamanya….

So i’m not that yoyo afterall, I will just need to continue to the journey. So i’m feeling good with 2017. yay…


11 -01-17 starts of the planning again. DONT U JUST LOVE PLANNING HEHEHEHE…

we try first with a kick start, kick start i wanna do now with low fat diet, the 1300 kal, I know the weightloss might be slower but hopefully it will lasts forever, besides it’s only the beginning of the year .. hmmm lemme check what plan should I do… Right now we will make the low fat diet plan. I will post the nutritionist that i went to ,.. that was when i lost the 4 kg , i went to a nutritionist but i havent do what she told me to do. will post next time so currently thats the update aight… see u tomorrow in what i will eat…

sebelumnya gw mau ikutan sharing plan diet nutrisionis di Amman, Jordan. Tentunya karna di Jordan dietnya ala – ala orang ARAB hehe… may work for me or may work for you, pokoknya saya share aja deh yaaaa…… as for my type of attempts I will share in another posts perhaps.

Yang pasti kali ini hari ini dah lakukan workout from youtube:

  1. Beginner fat burning workout to lose weight in four weeks – Joanna soh
  2. 30 minutes dance workout – bipasha basu break free full routine
  3. 10 minutes cardio dance abs workout burn to the beat – keaira lashae.




Breakfast Menu & Snack


Lunch Menu & Snack


Dinner Menu




NEVER GIVE UP in your attempts to be HEALTHY! GM DIET and life after.

12 Oct

Hi GUYS ,3 months I have not been writing. So many stuffs that happened… Sometimes, life happens not the way you wanted things, some things that is out of your control , what can you do about it ,..? Nothing. But there is something you CAN CONTROL, which are what you put in your mouth, what you do in your daily activities, and HOW you feel.


What was happening in MY LIFE..?

My life changes , I moved to Amman, Jordan. I made adjustment from working women to house wife with being active as  the wife organisation.  I made adjustment with new friends and situations and everything here.

Everything went well with the adjustments.  I enjoy the Arabic foods, there is no problem for me, enjoy culinary around Amman. In the office there are a lot of events that i have to attend that also be filled with culinaries. I admitted that I let loose for a while there.

In addition to that, I had foot injury when i went HIKING , it was worse case I had to bedrest for months, I started getting weight up there, I was already not in my best weight entering Amman but still look good, now it’s way over.

Because because of inactivity of the foot injury I gained 3 kilos, and afterwards, I made baby attempts, we’ve been trying to have baby almost 9 years and was on a break of another attempts but we made attempts again, and that required me to have bedrest and less active, which made me gain another extra 3 kgs. Another devastation is that the attempt failed.

On top of that in addition to being in a foreign country that has winter , yeah in arabic country JORDAN THERE IS WINTER ( SO COLD ) and used to eat and all.. another is gained. so from 1 year living here probably it’s like a 10 kg gain .. OMG That is so unacceptable, especially to the fact that I was a winner of FIT CHALLENGE, now i’m back to the original weight only gained more.. (NOT too much though) .  So I gotta something about it , and here I am , going to make another changes, only a permanent one. I did let myself have a emotional eating too I guess, I am not sure what is emotional eating and whether what I had emotional eating, except for I also not a person that dislike foods, I do enjoy variant kind of foods. I am not a picky eater.


I also become a hijabi here in Jordan, I wasn’t wearing hijab before , that’s another changes that I had in Jordan. I remember back in college years, I had a friend who wore hijab n bfore she didnt wear it, i saw few months later she gained so much weight, I asked why , she said she was used to having loose clothes and just love to put the food in and didn’t realise the gaining. Well , she shouldn’t made that as a reason and I won’t. I am glad of my decision of wearing hijab it won’t affect on the weight lose or gain. yay.

I know actually which is the good food, which is not, I did make changes before, I had yoyo dieting sometimes too, only I let myself loose with ice cream (which jordan had so good homemade icecreams like GERALDS) and also let loose with pancakes, chocolate and sweet stuff for a while, it had to kick me back again that those are very UNHEALTHY…


so CROSSCHECK now, I am going to make changes, will make healthy lifestyles, learning from youtube successful weight loss stories and all..

So bare in mind, I am announcing my attempts here for another START and I will InsyaAllah get result and informed you here that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE , it’s okay to restarted the failed attempts, or the fallback of success stories, AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALIVE!

I am definitely going to have another baby attempts, maybe in another 2 months, only this time, I will make myself ready with consuming good healthy food and reducing weight to the healthy range first in order to have good baby attempts at the doctors, so not starting at the wrong start. WISH ME LUCK.

I have a food diary, exercise dairy, all the um…goals and all, I will always have it no matter how sometimes it didn’t go according to your plan, but it’s nice to have a GOAL!


Yummy Salad

MY GOALS, losing 10 kg in 2 months. 5 in each months. Overall goals is actually 20 KGs.. but im doing 10 kg first.

I should have lost by 5 kg at 11th of NOVEMBER 2016. ( a month from now).

The preparation and tips that i got from youtube some are these:

ABIGALE lost 25 pounds in 5 months , she claimed not having exercise, she did it by/tips:

  1. Don’t eat anything with sugar. JUNK FOOD!
  2. Eat healthy sugar in fruits like apples blackberry
  3. Eat honey
  4. Pineapple is good for you she said.
  5. Lemon
  6. Drink Lemon, Honey and Hot water bfore sleep.
  7. Have green tea organic 3 times a day. at noon and night you should have it  2 hours after meal. She had it for 3 months.
  8. after 3 months of green tea,  she had oolong tea twice as strong as green tea also 3 times a day, she lost 8-10 pounds a month
  9. minimize eating habits
  10. have salads
  11. have chicken grill, veggies
  12. reduce eat portion
  13. take fruit bars
  14. snack on nuts, macademia etc roasted
  15. Drink water a lot
  16. Don’t have dairy like ice cream, cheese but yogurt non fat is okay.
  17. Have dark chocolate
  18. have biscuit without sugar
  19. Count calories to 1,200 per day.

I’m gonna try some of this good tips, all if possible, I just had my green tea today my stomach growling haha.. not used to green teas.

I warm myself up with looking at youtube of successful weight losses, and exercises, that burns my motivation starting from today :

11 OCTOBER 2016 

where I will change my life from now!

My before picture: ( I didn’t really have the proper one when I’m writing this blog, so anyway..)

bfore bpor3

Will put after picture on 11 October whether I reach the 5 kg goals.. then another after that after 2 months.

Well if it’s slowly it’s okay, but for sure of course.

My plan for a while:

  1. Join 1 month membership at the gym just to kick start it (after that home gym via youtube lots of exercise) the gym has swimming pool I miss swimming in here.
  2. No fried foods.
  3. No junkfood.
  4. More fruit and veggies.
  5. More active like cleaning houses more and keep everything always clean (it’s like exercising)

So, today with lots of brand new motivation I will start up this journey.

11 October 2016

  • I will have 1 hour exercise home gym now.
  • I had fruits for lunch (PRUNES) (unluckily this morning I had rice and eggs and fish ( I had the motivation to kick start after lunch)

See you tomorrow’s Diary.

12 October 2016

  • I had 1 hour home exercise with Fitness Blender for without weight program
  • For eating i still regular not on diet.

13 October 2016

  • I still haven’t done the regular diet and haven’t gone to the gym yet. It takes a while to kick start more.OMG. While time passes by so fast. I do my home cleaning daily I guess that worth the count?!

14 October 2016

Motivational: Watched “Weight loss documentary motivation transformation beyond expectations Elle Ip”, she’s 30 years old with 2 babies after delivering her baby she goes directly dream of going to become fit model and she did it, her secret is 90% diet 10% exercise. She makes all week diet and 1 cheat day where she can eat anything she said it’s making her sane, by having that 1 day of in a week. The rest she’s dieting.

I’m processing all the information of the successful people and I by then know which is good for me.

15 October 2016

I had melons for breakfast and I was planning to do the GM diet thing following the eating fruits for DAY 1, unfortunately when my friend took me to TAJ MALL, I went pass the food court and I couldn’t help to get the lunch of SWARMA CHICKEN and KNAFE for desert, that’s blowing my one day for fruit day. However no dinner for today. Start again tomorrow.

16 October 2016

I started okay with having fruits for breakfast, my fruit was grapes and also prunes, but then at lunch i was at the office had gathering with friends they had rice and eggs, chicken and all, I brought my lunch (melons and apples) but they have like potluck thingy they share their lunches with mine and again I can’t help it to have rice and chicken. Another failure for only fruits diet today the GM diet, however I won’t give up. Though at home feeling why I ate that , I grabbed the ice cream and pistachio nuts, sorta like emotional eating? However i got to my senses and I need to get back on track.  I had no other dinner than that.

The remaining day I watch all the people in youtube in “EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS ” had few inspiring stories such as Jacqui who had lost 60% of her body fat, and I thought to myself, if they can do it why can’t I , I need to put my mind into it and also. I love the quote chris said,” FIGHTING IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. THAT IS WHAT LIFE ALL ABOUT” It’s the trainer motivation for the girl who tried to lose weight and it’s really good.All our daily we face problems and battles, but what we need to do is fight it and be ambitious and loving the process . It ‘s not the perfection but the process that needed to do daily.

Today also i made the movie just like in extreme weight loss of telling myself to not give up for the future me to see and whenever im in the battle of lack of motivation.


It’s been a week already still battling with motivation, needs and wants. Still desire unhealthy food. but in the end totally motivated hope by next week i get on track. Weight: still the same, sometime in mid week i dropped a kilo but end of week back to gain one. Hope by next week it’s just dropping not gaining .

So one week passed by with 0 decrease in kg. in the gym tomorrow insyaAllah I will check out my everything.

In order to get back on track, after this week 1  i need to lose:

By 21st Oct 2016: 2 kg lost ( week 2)

27th Oct 2016: 2 kg lost (  week 3)

4th November: 2 kg lost (week 4)

11th November: 2 kg lost ( week 5)

17th November: 2 kg lost (week 6)

This is when i finished the gym, but then need to have home gym again as it’s entering winter also that it makes it difficult to walk out. ( that’s the amazing goal of having 10 kg lost in 5 weeks) but hey we need to make a standard huh… we need to do something to have goals in it.

Nite nite see ya tomorrow.

17 October 2016:

I joined the fitness class today and also drive there yay… finally after a while being afraid hmm.. anyway, I had used the treadmil for 35 minutes, and also I used the eliptical 20 minutes, I did the bycycle 10 minutes and swimming 25 minutes. Good starts,

I will also have fruits all day, I had peach for breakfast , lunch: Avocado and Kiwi. FINALLY I’M DOING THE GM DIET , no failures like two days earlier.

Seeing the GM diet I think it is something that I would love to do. It is quite doable quite easy and only for a week. I know that it seems only momentary especially that I saw some say it will gain back, but I read that not all gained back only few kilos. Desperately looking at my scale that doesn’t budge going down I will try it anyway ,,…

So today:  GM DAY 1: FRUITS ONLY ! ( No banana!)

Breakfast: PEACH

Lunch: Avocado and Kiwi

Dinner: Orange and also apples. 

Exercise: Treadmil 35 Minutes, Eliptical 20 minutes, Bycycle: 25 minutes:

Kilos lost: 1 KG !

18 October 2016


It is stated that no oils day. so and I am actually an OK Raw food eater, so I had:

Breakfast: Carrots boiled and then the cabbage with boiled potato ( they said the boiled potato only for breakfast. done deal!

Lunch: Okra, cabbage, I had tempe, dunno if it’s consiedered veggies or what , i just had boiled tempe anyway

Dinner: Okra, and also cabbage, carrots.

Exercise: Swimming 40 minutes, treadmil 20 minutes, and a bit weight lifting

There is no headache or such and such up to this moment.

KILOS LOST: 1 KG! I can’t believe how fast i see the number on the scale going down, while while ago i see it stuck if not gained up. I am enjoying this kilos lost!


19 October 2016


Okay guys, the headache of the past 2 days diet just starting today. Thankfully no activities today, no exercise just headaches! Laying down in bed watch tv no heavy things today. I think the body reacts from 2 earlier DETOX that i did. No potatoes coz u gain the carbohydrate from fruits

Since i do prefer fruits than veggies I had more fruits than veggies today:

Breakfast: Dates.It’s really fulfilling ! You only can’t eat banana, but of course you can eat dates.

10 am: peach.

12 pm: Cabbage soup. that i made. Yummy, i didn’t have celery so I don’t add them I had carrots instead so i used whatever I had to add the cabbage soup, we can have the chicken stock, it’s fulfilling.

17.00: I have the oranges.

19.00: I have apples, oranges. 

KILOS LOST: 1 KG! Omg total 3 kg lost! for 3 days diet! I am definitely happy.


20 October 2016


Breakfast: 1 big banana fulfilling: and 1 glass of milk

10 am: Cabbage soup

Lunch: 2 bananas

Dinner: 1 banana and  2 glasses of milk and cabbage soup.  a lot ahahha.

Sport: 20 minutes of treadmill and 45 minutes swimming .

I broke the elliptical machine at home!! so i can no longer exercise at home unless i go to gym.. SAD!

KILOS LOST: None. I think because it’s so fulfilling;

21 October 2016

GM DAY 5: 2 times of  10 0nz BEEF & 6 TOMATOES DAY!


LONG TIME NO EAT BEEF hahaha 5 days,. okay today i had my friend invited me to her house and she made meatballs.so I had this for lunch. I was a bit thinking meatballs had tapioka on it.. shall it be pure beef or what not! anyway i just had it.

Breakfast: 5 tomatoes ( we gotta finish 6 tomatoes today)

Lunch: Meatballs

Dinner: 1 tomato and meatballs that my friend brought me home.

Exercise: NONE:

KG Lost: None.. actually i gained like half kg, maybe coz of beef intake ..whaaa….

TOTAL LOST: 2.5 KG (coz i gained wkwk)

22 October 2016



Breakfast: I made my own hamburger yummyhh (no bread)… u can use a bit of oil here and then..

Lunch: cucumber and cabbage and carrots and okra ditumis

Dinner: veggies and cucumber another burger meat (No bread).. oh yeah.. aha aha aha..

KG LOST: 1 kg.



23 October 2016


So okay, last day… tempting of friends providing lunch in the office with fish fried (small fish aka ikan asin in indonesian). So happy there is BANGKOK SALAD AKA VEGETABLES.

Breakfast: Cabbage soup that i made.


Okay guys i don’t have brown rice, so I had white rice. maybe a mistake but anyway… whatEVER.,..

Lunch: BANGKOK Salad, includes cucumber etc for veggies and skippy for the topping (mixed with other ingredients) which I had a bit. I had the usual rice aka white rice, and the small fish think which not suppose to and that’s it.



YAY!! I m successfully (except last day i had the small fish thing) and I lost over all 4 KG!!!!!

YAYAYAYAY! I am so happy and it’s doable so it’s recommended so it’s like detox etc.

I think it is according to my plan, refreshed:

By 21st Oct 2016: 2 kg lost ( week 2)

27th Oct 2016: 2 kg lost (  week 3) : By 23rd october I lost 4 kg! 

4th November: 2 kg lost (week 4)

11th November: 2 kg lost ( week 5)

17th November: 2 kg lost (week 6)


24 October 2016 

shall i celebrate of this success! Hahhaha… I kinda did.

I had my first wafer chocolate after the diet.. boy it’s yummy. yet i was like still carefully and carefully did the thing hope not gained.. so what did i have today.

Exercise: Swimming 40 minutes, and 20 minutes of treadmil

KG LOST: None.


Breakfast: Apples

Lunch: Chicken grill and fried frenchfries and JUICE BANG BANG (Avocado)

Dinner: Chocolate 1/2, I had instant noodle pack 1.



25 October 2016 (Tues)

Again lot’s of activities today with the ladies means lots of eating (hope not).

Breakfast: Banana & Coffee capucino.

Lunch: Fried rice with small fish. but then we went to a friend house to visit her because she got operated turned out she made us lunch. what the….. so we gotta have it, I had a bit of with rice, and pare, and fish and salad.

3pm: snacks of hers at her place: Indonesian sagu cookies (4 pieces) and also cheese snacks. OMG

Dinner: Chocolate Pie snack.. ( OMG So unhealthy) and a bit of Mie Gelas (Glass nooded)



26 October 2016 (Wed)

Breakfast: Banana.

Lunch: we share a family meal to eat together for 4 people) I had basmati rice, and chicken. It’s so fulfilling and 1 coke.. (yuck). I never wanna have soda again. because we go together with friends that’s what’s going on.

Dinner: Nothing I guess.

Exercise: Nothing.



27 October 2016 (Thursday)

Breakast: Banana.

Exercise: 30 minutes treadmill, 1 hour swimming, 30 minutes dance.

My feet bcause of the fall of hiking still hurts I don’t think i will run again… for a while.

it’s entering winter in Jordan so pretty cold.

Lunch: Shwarma chicken ,and 2 pesto fish.

4pm: 1 banana fritter, 1 indonesian snack.

7pm: bread chocolate and milk bread. 1 chocolate waffer.



TRACKING This week aim suppose to lose 4 KG. need to lose 1 kg.

28 October 2016

Breakfast: Non fat milk, and wheatbix, 1/2 chocolate wafer.

10 am: Pasta tuna like 1/4 of the plate.

12.00: Cappucino coffee.

15.00: half swarma, shared with hubby, let him had the fries and the coke.

18.00: pasta tuna 1/5th of a plate with cheese.

19.00: Hot tea.



Entering the week on Nov 4 need to lose 3 KG.

Need to lose: another 3 kg by November 4th.

Not in line with plan, i suppose to have lost 4 kg coz this 1 week i gained 1 kg back on track by 4 november should lost another 2 kg in plan, so 3 kg in total .GO GO GO.

Plan of losing another 3 kg by a week… hmm another GM DIET 2nd term??? Lets try, make the plan first:

29 October 2016 (Tomorrow, SATURDAY)







TODAY’S MONDAY of 7TH OF NOVEMBER, I JUST GOT THE CHANCE TO WRITE THE BLOG, It has been told that GM DIET NEED TO BE DONE LIKE ONCE A MONTH, so at the time it was not a month yet so I couldn’t diet. but I will tell you what I’ve been doing in the ONE WEEK of 29 October to 7th of NOVEMBER, I have been exercising 4 times a week at the gym

I did treadmill & swimming, treadmill , class & swimming, and treadmill swimming, pilates class & swimming. and I have lost the weight that was suppose to be lost haha..

In terms of eating, I had been eating on and off good and bad. in a mix, not a diet, but so far so good, with the exercise I lost the fat I gained. It was extra hardwork though.  arghh so hard to make the pounds dropped and easy to gain,.. duh… I had also events and dinner invitation so it was lots and lots of culinary thingy. but yeah i manage to lose 1 kg despites all of the dinner invitation and all!! go exercise!

I like the way my body felt too when i exercise, the feeling from swimming, then swimming on the back enjoying the moment ,… it’s great , and also plus after that jacuzzi and steam.. ahh semi heaven of earth hahhaa

The way I see it I had the GM DIET on 17 october so I will be allowed to do it again on 17 November if I wanna repeat.



The aim now is to lose another 2 kg preferably in a week, having the remaining of my gym membership also (it ends of NOVEMBER 17TH! my gym membership) WHOAAAAA… then entering winter and then I don’t know what to do hahha.. wish the count down continues.. hahahah…

7th november monday – 11 november 2016 aim to lose 2 kg..  ( IF I CAN) hehehe,..wish me luck. CIAO FOR NOW LOVING SPORTS , CHERISH YOUR BODY WITH SPORTS, I LOVE SPORTS INDEED! NO EXCUSES u can do sports AT HOME!

WELL my 1 month of exercising finally are to maintain my GM DIET hahaha, i felt slimmer though..in terms of inches of the body. so it’s great.


(This was with one month gym, 3 times a week swimming, jog and zumba)



Diary perubahan

29 Mar images


Tidak ada yang lebih menakutkan dari melewati hari – hari tanpa adanya hasil maupun target yang tercapai. Bila ada keinginanmu untuk menurunkan berat badan maka lebih baik membuat diari yang melihat perkembanganmu day to day. Tidak hanya perubahan dalam berat, juga dalam keinginan yang mau digapai, seperti ingin belajar bahasa baru, ingin melakukan sesuatu tiap harinya yang bisa menjadi bekal di akhirat, semua jg bisa ditargetkan dan dilakukan sehari – hari. “jangan biarkan waktu berlalu begitu saja” Sama dengan anda saya pun berusaha self reminder itu tiap harinya, ketika dalam shari berlalu begitu saja rasanya sangat sayang sekali.  Pasti ada yang bisa dilakukan tiap harinya.

Karena target kali ini adalah menuju kesehatan yang prima, maka effort saya kali ini adalah untuk menjadi sehat dan agar berat badan bisa menurun dan tidak melonjak naik. Semoga pengalaman ini bisa memotivasi anda juga untuk melakukan diary atas progres anda baik dalam kesehatan maupun goals yang anda inginkan sehari hari. Saya jujur slalu mempunyai banyak keinginan, semoga bisa tercapai satu satu dan tidak separuh – paruh saja haha. Saya ingin: Mastery my English ( mau jadi yang expert bangets ), Learn Arabic (Since now I’m in Jordan so I hope I could fulfil), mastery in French (bahasa semua yah hahaha) , mengingatkan kembali main keyboard dimana dulu dah kursus organ hehe, good communicator mastery, and nari , and banyak d, be useful to others and or resulting in reading something in a day. Must have a result in a day!


Di post sebelumnya saya sudah buat komitmen dan ini adalah hari pertama saya:

Hari 1: Senin, 28 Maret 2016:

Puasa bayar buat Ramadhan, namun ternyata jam 5 saya datang bulan! Whoa sayang sekali padahal tinggal sejam lagi… huee

…hehhee.. saya makan bakwan sayur buatan sendiri 4 dan juga bikin sendiri jagung manis ala ala yang pakai keju dan susu kental manis.

hmm, memang belum sepenuhnya sehat. It was a start.

What I do or achieve today is finished reading 1 whole book of Dian Pelangi: Brain , Beauty , Belief. She’s an inspiring girl and I salute her.

That’s what I gain for today dan ga sabar untuk proses dan hasil yang lebih baik lagi di esok hari.  Persiapkan tanggal dulu dan akan saya laporkan besok hari.

Hari 2: Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

TODAY FOCUS : Starting now start the day with green juices.


 start of the day: Carrot + Orange + Cabbage blended as a juice.

Noon: hubby ate lasagna and wanted me to eat half of it,.. huaah.. better not got to waste I ate still.

afternoon: hmm bakwan sayur, cemilan coklat, kripik, lapis beras, 1 sushi. Pas pulang ada yang ulang tahun,.. surprise dan makan kue ultah. Makan kue coklat stengah berdua suami plus stengah lagi kue putih.. haduh,..  tiap mau serius diet pasti slalu ada godaan hahaha… bagaimana kita menyikapinya dan kuakui masi khilaf hari ini… hue. Kata yang ngaji gmn bisa kita kurus tiap ngaji banyak makanan, yang pasti tambah berat. Wahhh,.. jangan dong, kita liat aja nanti, akan dibuktikeun..

hari ini ada pengajian semua orang sering bawa makanan. Well at least ga dinner, laper banget si ya pas jam 11 jadinya, tahan aja..

Positive activity today: pengajian dunks, ilmu yang kudapat hari ini ok banget.

Hari 3: Wednesday,  30 March 2016


Pagi: Wortel + Kol + Madu Yemen (w/herbal) + Olive Oil. –> FYI olive oil itu baik untuk kesehatan, apalagi saya lg di Jordan ni, olive oilnyah pure asli and diextract dari palestina. nice! So,.. karena airnya banyak jadi d 2 gelas,.. hihi kayanya kebanyakan olive oil d,.. hua jadi agak enek,.. tapi lanjutkan 2 gelas!!

Siang 12pm: ada sisa cake stengah kemarin dimakan gitu aja d. Makan siangnya tekwan pake noodles, well karena blm blanja bulanan lagi, makan yang ada dulu aja di kulkas. Still hoping its the best decision.

Malam 6pm: Habiskan nasgor ayam 1/2 porsi, dan malteser chokolat. sedikit kacang pas nonton , hue tergoda pas hubby lg makan. wkwk.. seriously.



1Abis nonton film yang ada salma hayeknya jadi liatin tinggi dan berat badannya. Tinggi 157cm berat 54 cm. Dia lumayan bisa jadi role model karena sama sama tidak tinggi hihihi.. So, kayanya goal gw pertama kali buat mencapai 54 which is lumayan yo…. perjuangannyo, anyway setelah dibaca, ada 2 versi kegiatan, dulu dia selalu fitness 5-7 hari seminggu 30 menitnya, namun skrg di umurnya yang 48 ini dia kerja terus dan ga sempet fitness tapi rahasianya posisi berdiri duduk dia selalu dalam posisi pose menahan tubuh yang membuat ototnya bekerja, jadi contoh sembari dia sikat gigi dia perutnya ditahan dan ototnya bergerak gt gt. ok so malem ini mulai posisi dengan otot bekerja sambil nulis blog ini gini jg hahhaa. Selain itu dia green juice tiap pagi, ok sudah sama tuh diriku jg dan memang rasanya enak banget kalo dimulai dengan green juice pagi hari.

Ok motivation ini harus berlangsung terus karena tak disangka lg melambung berat badan terutama karena terluka pas lagi hiking inactive lebih dari 2 minggu di rumah, betapa cepat naiknya, tp sebelumnya jg dan plus disini musim dingin.. haha tp tak bisa biarkan jadi alasan, anyway get back on tract again dan menimbang tiap harinya. My weight stays the same, yang perlu penurunan 9 kg untuk goal pertama haha.

Hari ini temanku mengabarkan kalau besok mau traktir dinner ultahnya.. which means.. aku harus diatur asupanku di pagi dan siang harinya agar tidak kebanyakan makan. so ok, dan bsk mesti bakar kalori. Sudah di planning besok d. Hadoh kacaunya feeling hungry right now,.. but um..one more thing emang, need to have: ENOUGH SLEEP!

Tak terasa sekarang jam stengah 12 malam.. hadeuh.. kacau kalo bobo jam sgini bangun jam 4 or 5 kan jadinya kurang tidur terus, saya dah terbiasa seperti ini tp harusnya ga dibiarkan. Kita perlu 8 jam tidur tiap harinya. Semoga saya bisa praktekin suatu waktu untuk hal ini.. nite nite!

Hari ke -4: Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sekedar cerita waktu itu di path dah ada posting untuk komitmen keinginan pada 22 Maret – 22 April saya harus turun 4 kg motivasi seminggu sekilo tapi hingga saat ini belum turun kayanya hihi… kalau mau stick to schedule berarti dalam 2 minggu ini harus turun 4 kg. Bisa ga ya…secara recover kaki belum begitu recover karena jatuh pas hiking (hiking rencana pengen olahraga malah ketiban musibah jatoh pas turunan) tp pemandangannya memang keren banget… so ok.. stick to plan. 4 kg 2 minggu. Berasa rasanya kalau lagi naik berat badan, dikit – dikit laper, dikit dikit laper, mungkin usus sudah agak melar jadi nagih or laper terus ya, hueh.. won’t let it happened again, besides kita di atas 30 metabolisme makin lambat jadi jangan biarkan makan banyak padahal metabolisme melambat. No WAY!

Apa rencana exerciseku hari ini? yang pasti beberes rumah doeloe nih, sapu pel etc etc haha.. abis itu elaptical machine setengah jam … insyaallah kakiku gpp.. kalau ga ya gaya yoga etc pakai matt dirumah, kita lihat perkembangan blog apa yang kulakukan sampai akhir hari ini.




Pagi: Wortel , kurma madinah , olive oil dan Yemeni honey.

Siang: sayur asem dengan kentang , wortel dan jamur rebus

Dinner: ikan bakar irak ya ampun enaknyaaa… dan roti arab ya allah enak bangetsss! dan salad terong. alhamdulilah enak skali hari ini.. yum yum and full now.

oleh raganya kali ini kite beberes rumah nih … sapu pel etc yaa lumayan lah yaaaaaaaaa as a start

Oh iya green tea selalu oke apabila dikonsumsi sebelum olahraga, tut bakar kalori, so kita minum green tea saja dulu yuk yak yuk. 

Hari ke – 5 : FRIDAY , 1 April 2016

Pagi: Karena sayur2nya sudah habis… blm jus lagi… makannya mie goreng hiks.

Siang: telor goreng, snak chicki, snak wafer, 1 sevenup

Malam: popcorn (karena nonton film SPIDERMAN VS BATMAN) + mie goreng (haduh ngeliat suami mau mie jd ikutan ngemie..) ampun,…..


wow sudah lama tidak menulis hari ini tanggal 17 JUNI 2016

dari antara April hingga Juni itu..saya masi recovery kaki jadi belom bisa berolahraga sedangkan makannya normal saja. jadi program itu harus tetap diperjuangkan hingga saat ini.

Saya akan lanjutskan ke Ramadhan Program posting ya…

GUYS I will make another posting as this is already not irrelevant anymore, im writing now on October 11th 2016 and that was 3 months from last time and there had been a lot happening .   I  will in the other posting what I’ve been through and upcoming things. TUNE UP!.





28 Mar


Ada kalanya di saat seseorang terlena dalam kehidupan sehari – harinya tanpa memperhatikan asupan makanan yang dikonsumsinya dan tanpa menyadari waktu waktunya berlalu tanpa adanya olahraga tubuh, dan sehari berlalu menjadi dua hari, dua hari berlalu menjadi seminggu, seminggu sebulan dan tak terasa beberapa bulan berlalu begitu saja. Lalu, ketika suatu waktu menimbang, timbangan seakan berteriak: WAWW!! apa2an inih, mengapa melonjak sekali!! Yang tadinya, ahh naik sekilo wajar lah,… hm naik lagi setengah kilo masi oke lah … but WHAT WHAT WHAT …. is this for real?? Naik tiga kilo? did I let it happen?? Saat bahkan helaian baju terakhir pun dilepaskan tetap tidak bergerak turun dari kenaikan 3 kilo tersebut.

Disaat itulah anda harus menyadari, bahwa ini tidak bisa dibiarkan, jangan biarkan hidup berlalu dalam ketidaksehatan. Semua orang sadar untuk sehat namun jarang sekali yang mempraktekkannya pada kenyataannya. Padahal, raga kita adalah merupakah hal yang penting yang harus kita sayangi hingga akhir hayat , yang akan menentukan kita menjalani hidup dengan bahagia dengan meminimalisasikan kemungkinan-kemungkinan penyakit yang bisa kita alami apabila overweight, seperti kolesterol etc etc.

Oke , fakta yang menyakitkan namun ya bagaimana lagi harus dijalani, bahwa seseorang yang pernah mengalami kelebihan berat badan sebelumnya, ia lalu sukses menurunkan berat badannya, bukan berarti perjuangannya berakhir, karena orang tersebut akan harus selalu dalam kondisi dimana dia harus selalu memperhatikan asupan makanannya dan juga olahraganya, orang yang pernah overweight, harus melakukan usaha berapa kali lipat dari mereka yang tidak overweight , yang berat badannya normal atau yang kurus. Semakin tua semakin metabolisme rendah memungkinkan seseorang naik berat badannya otomatis dalam tiap tahunnya, makanya effort untuk menguruskan bagi orang yang overweight itu harus berlipat lipat usahanya. INI BUKAN MASALAH!

Yang penting anda harus selalu termotivasi, dan saat hilangnya motivasi anda harus segera aktifkan kembali motivasi anda bagaimana caranya juga. Bahkan teman yang sukses menurunkan berat badan dapat membuat anda termotivasi lagi, membaca blog blog kesuksesan berat badan jg dapat menaikkan motivasi anda lagi.

Banyak alasan yang bisa bikin jadi down, seperti kaki saya pernah injured lebih dari 2 minggu lalu dan harus tidak boleh ngapa ngapain di rumah sudah nyaris 2 minggu hanya bs terbaring , termasuk membuat berat badan jadi naik.  Kalaupun kendati terjadi demikian, jangan disesali harus selalu berusaha untuk turunkan kembali atau kembali pada berat yang ideal, jangan jadi stres and binge eating ya…

Beberapa TIGA tips yang harus diingat:

  1. Seberapa enak makanan yang anda makan, saat anda hadiri jamuan makan atau dimanapun juga, selalu ingat JANGAN KALAP!! Memang kalau makanannya enak bawaannya ingin selalu nambah, taste so yummy etc, jangan biarkan napsu sesaat itu membuat penyesalan belakangan. Ingat, “A MINUTE IN YOUR LIPS, FOREVER IN YOUR HIPS” that is a true saying.
  2. Dalam sehari , lakukan olahraga minimal 40 menit!  Ada berapa menit dalam sehari?? 1440 menit, masa kita tidak mau memberikan 0.03% waktu dalam sehari kita untuk didedikasikan berolahraga, demi kebaikan raga kita? seminimal mungkin kalau tidak bisa lari 40 menit, jalan kaki saja jg tidak apa – apa. Ayo kita ingat selalu untuk ini.
  3. Upaya penurunan berat badan ada di 70% asupan makanan dan 30% olahraga. Jadi kalau olahraga kita gila gilaan tapi tetap saja asupannya JUNKFOOD ya sama saja.


Kalau tips itu sudah anda pahami dengan baik, maka, mari kita mulai perjalanan penurunan berat badan ini bersama – sama. Saya pun saat ini sedang berjuang juga, seperti anda dan saya ingin memotivasi semua untuk mari berjuang bersama – sama. Memang ini akan menjadi hal yang harus terus menurus kita jalankan dan alangkah senangnya kalau kita bisa jalankan bersama sama

TODAY , 27 MARCH 2016 at 10 pm I promise myself to take good care of me and my body. From this day forward I will always update the things that I do to fulfil it and I hope that you are all with me in this journey.