End of year Resolution 2017-2018

27 Dec

Have you ever wondered a year has passed by…

What you gain out of …

Are you content with the years… or not …


We often complain about the stuff going on in our life… tendency of people is to complain its true.. So easy it is isn’t it to just say focus on what is positive in life… Be thankful of everything that is in your life.. easier said than done aint it. Though I respected people who can easily do that God Bless them but for me myself that is still work in progress to be a very thankful person…. As I realise I often complained too..especially being one too ambitious everything seems so not right out of place etc…

But that is one work in progress that I will continue working on in my life… Entering 2018 too because I know I know when we reach the point to be thankful no regrets no if only, it should be then everything would comes in place….

Shall I remind even in the religion of Islam:

In the Quran there is a verse in Surah Al-Luqman that says:

31:12 “…Any who is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul…”

3:145 “…If any Do desire a reward in this life, We shall give it To him; and if any Do desire a reward in the Hereafter, We shall Give it to him. And swiftly shall We reward those that (serve us with) gratitude”.


Be grateful… You are lucky you still have place to sleep, food to eat, without too much worry, comparing to those who are at war,.. and those who are less fortunate than us.

Be grateful, don’t be jealous or envy of people,

And it doesn’t matter if you have less people in your life, we are not a pack of wolves or teenagers where you have to go together in ganks… smaller friends comfie ones are enough , they will make your day wonderful….

Have parents? be closer to them love em… thank God you still have em…..

One more thing…

LIVING is only once.. it is all down to the ever after life after that

So…. In case you forgot syaithan is always everywhere to make us do bad deeds…. Do not be tempted… and DO GOOD DO GOOD EACH DAY.. whatever it is make sure there is one good deeds in each day.. (that’s a resolution too for me…)

AND I GUESS FOR ME too lose all the expectation to people, .. to close ones especially..

High Expectation leads to High Disappointment …so fear not, expect less..

Everytime you are in bad moods, be upset, be jealous, feeling why it’s like that, it is suppose to be like that….

If it’s something you can control then try your best to CHANGE IT..

If it’s not then…. FORGET IT…. and move on …

Try living each day minimizing the bad negative feelings .. upset , disappointment as it won’t be worth it .. you got 24 hours in your day today… no one can guarantee tomorrow.. so u wanna waste 4 hours being sad?  u got less and less time in a day.. would you wanna waste more…?

2017 almost finished and I haven’t had too much done yet… AIM FOR 2018 is everything i mention in above, and don’t give a f…. in the things I could not change … ahahaha

Also InsyaAllah that I have business proposition I can come up with back in Indonesia, my home country and also to Lose Weight :p every girl dreams mostly hahha…

WHAT ELSE… SO MANY THINGS MORE… PERHAPS I will journalize it to remind it..

sometimes good to look back your notes is ur 2017 fulfilled? u wanna change or add it ..


ANYWAY sayonara for DECEMBER BLOG…and will see u in January 2018 InsyaAllah








Changes in me .. :) in Hijab..

18 Nov



As you can see I’ve decided to wear hijab,.. and for then on I have decided I am not too focused on dancing like I used too.  Therefore you would see different changes on the focus on my blog.  Don’t get me wrong… I had fun with all the dance courses that I did before and didn’t regret it, because the dances that I learn made my body flexible and made me happy have endorphin hormones definitely as exercise would do to you but as  I decided to wear hijab I am finding other things to focus on, focused more on what really matters in life is that what would help us for the life after,… the everafterlife… The dancing would also be beneficial for special performances for your hubby too of course hehe. I also still do zumba for exercise kind of like dancing too and it brings endorphins and stuff.

I believe that we also  should remind each other to do good in life, to not harm others, to help as we can do, to not be selfish focusing on ourselves… At this very moment I was also listening to Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World..” Heal the World, make it better place, for you and for me and the entire human race, there are people dying if you care enough for the living, make it better place for you and for me….

We have a lot of problems in life most definitely so , but… it shouldn’t stop us for making the world a better place…

Touching those dear around us, and be useful..


I haven’t wrote since March, have I ? and now is November….8 months gone by…

I live in Jordan as you can see… and I have been doing a lot of travel places in Jordan and around middle east so now that I am also in my mid thirties I need to focus on health even more…

So my blogs would focus on how to be healthy and the travel places in Jordan that might interest you…

I wore the hijab ever since I did the umroh in Saudi Arabia and are happy with it… sure we are adapting at first but it will get easier and then you will be used to it… I wore it in my thirties…

I found more at peace with myself too and also I am very comfortable in wearing the hijab.

That’s the changes in me for the better life InsyaAllah…amien.







13 March 2017 beyond – NO MORE WASTED TIME

13 Mar


I saw an article once, that healthy planning is best to be made in the month of March within the year, because you spent January and February creating the life revolution and yet may or may have not succeed in March. Therefore now on  Monday 13, March 2017 I start the journey of 2017,… the past 2 months were not manage well enough, as I believe myself I have wasted time, while muslim.org wrote about how The Holy Quran states that time is such a passing phenomenon that even a fleeting moment results in a reduction of man’s life-span. That is because man has been granted a limited period of time on this earth and he should try to earn whatever he can, either by doing good deeds so as to reap the fruits of Paradise or even by doing evil deeds or wasting his time in negligence, thus ruining this divine gift of time and causing destruction to his future life. In fact, time is the most precious of all commodities.

See what I have wasted in my life  was too much spending in social media, whether it is whatsapp, facebook, Path, twitter, youtube and less doing good doing.

See you have 24 hours daily in your life, see how you spend it all with,.. see how most likely ends up, do we use time wisely do we waste it.

from now on be present to your doing, less looking at the handphone, and let each act of what you do is worthy now and that’s a reminder for both you and me, and hope we don’t waste any second of our life doing something worthless where we have given time to be able to do something good, something amazing both for ourself, our spouse, our family and humanity.

Think of , what one positive or one good deed I have done today?

Did I waste today or have I done something positive something good today.

As they all say, use your youth before it comes your old days where u can’t do anything ,…

All in time.

We may divide certain areas in our life:

  1. Spirituality – Daily check is it better today than yesterday
  2. Health- Do we eat something good today?   Or do we put junk food in our mouth. One must be aware of what he/ she puts in her mouth each day. Total consumption in a day and whether its benefit for her or his life or not. Do we  exercise? Can’t we give within the 24 hours a few time out of exercising,
  3. Family – What have we done today for our family, do we make them happy and silahturahmi.
  4. Community and people around friends: How do we socialize, and how we matter in the community, do we make new friends too or if not do we maintain the closes one.
  5. Learning – What new things we have learnt today, whether it is for our career or self improvements or even how to cook.
  6. Career – People sped time most of the time working in a day, make something useful within the time spent in office to benefit for goodness kindness, any kinds of help of smiles etc.

This to know that you have not wasted your time living in the world. You manage to use every single seconds of it for something worthwhile.






Kesempatan untuk sehat *limited edition

5 Mar


begitulah saya tulis, kesempatan untuk sehat itu limited edition, karena kalau tidak segera kita hidup sehat maka kesempatan hidup sehat tanpa penyakit etc akan segera berkurang.

Sudah sering kita dengar bahwa penyakit itu sering datang dari makanan. Apa yang kita asup kita makan sangat pengaruh sekali…

Kalau makannya gorengan terus, atau makanan berlemak mungkin tidak terlalu terasa pada umur umur sekarang cuma nantinya akan terasa sekali ketika sudah berumur ataupun ketika usia 40an.

Yuk mari sama sama sebelum itu terjadi dan selama kita masih punya kesadaran, kita mulai dan mulai

sekarang 5 maret sudah malam jadi kita mulai per tanggal 6 Maret , kita ikuti pola sehat itu dimana yang karbohidrat utama dimakan di breakfast ,.. siang sore mulai makan yang simple aja.

Semoga kita semua terdorong untuk hidup sehat karena kau adalah pemilik tubuhmu dan mau diapain badan kita dengan masuknya makanan tidak sehat itu, sebaiknya hidup sehat saja dan selalu bahagia. Terlalu banyak permasalahan dalam kehidupan untuk ditambah dengan masalah berat badan, mau sampai kapan, bukannya kita seharusnya sudah berkepikiran untuk hal lain yang lebih maju dari sekedar nurunin berat badan.

Ok makanya mari dimulai yaaaa….

6 MARET 2017 dengan timeline 3 bulan turun 15 kg .

6 MARET – 6 April: 5 kg 

6 APRIL – 5  May: 5 kg

6 MAY – 5  June 5 kg 

sepertinya terakhir setelah itu bulan puasa jadi berlanjutlah makanan sehat kita ditambah puasa….

ok timeline sudah setting , berarti per bulan 5 kg saja.  seminggu hanya 1, 25 kg turun. smoga hahha..

Kemarin ini sudah ada batuk batuk , tidak enak body , sangat tidak enak rasanya. Semoga ke depannya tidak batuk batuk dan bisa memulai usaha turun badan seminggu sekilo ini.

Terasa badan sudah tidak begitu enak dan jangan dibiarkan.

Semakin tua semakin susah turunin jadi turunin sekarang … yoyoyo


See u in d next progress saya akan selalu update YAWWW

























jumpstart to skinny

16 Jan



Dr. Harpers said we can lose up to 20 lbs aka more or less 10 kg in 3 weeks…

40 – 40 – 20 food

40%protein, 40%carbohydrate and 20%fats

no fried foods, no alchohol, complex carbohydrate only in the morning, eat as much as you like in vegetables. women in 800 calories, man in 1200 calorie. It is a very low calorie diet. It is not a yoyo diet, get your micronutrients.

Skinny rule: eat no complex carbohydrate after breakfast.Those are the grains, breads etc, the carbohydrate are simple throughout the day: fruits and vegetables.

Drink the water: 16 ounches of water before every single meal.

You never getting fat eating brocolli, eat as many vegetable as you want.




16 Jan


MAKE YOUR DAYS ARE GOING UP TO THE STAIRS OF HEALTH, not stable and not going down.





  • Eliminate micowave to eliminate the radiation caused by it.
  • Exercise
  • Drink water
  • MSGs elimination
  • put plants around your house
  • get sun when it just rises up and sunset
  • get berries
  • do cleansing in the body

These are the keys to health.

How does healthy body eliminate toxins?

  1. Respiration = Aerobic activity: 30 minutes daily: cells-smaller scale
  2. Diaphoresis (sweating) = aerobic activities: 30 minutes daily.
  3. Defecation: 2 – 4bowel movements daily.
  4. Urination: no nite urination
  5. menses: post menopausal- progesteron – HRT

NASCENT IODINE: needed for the women, for the body needed.

drink purified or distiled water with organic apple vinegar, raw apple cider vinegar


what makes you happy, love, excitement, exercise massage, music, relaxation, meditation., learning about self- setting goals, adequate sleep – sunrise sunset, , having fun – hobbies

there are huge and affects your stress level

Health=self confidence. Self confidence = success

information from: Dr.Group.




12 Jan


HIHIHI JUDUL yang catchy yaaa…

pokoke 2017 inih kudu mesti tetep kudu mesti tercapai usaha sehatnya…

walau tercapai nanti pun tetep terus seumur hidup akan hidup sehat amien,..

coz i don’t wanna be … ga mau penuh penyakit, oleh sebabnya… mesti slalu diusahakan gimana caranya agar sehat selalu dan tidak hanya temporer sajaa… tidak yoyo etc..apalagi for those who are not picky of foods,.. enjoys culinary etc.. moi aussi… well anyway… sudah enjoy lotsa different varieties of food bfore,.. now and forward only food that are beneficial for your health ..

gw seneng banget my progress from before, the GM diet lose 4 kg and for 4 months after the diet I gained only 1kg, so still lost 3 kg.  Now is the plan for the rest of 2017.

Pertama – tama, i agree we must set a standard of what we are eating daily.

From now on, i will be aware of what i’m putting in my mouth, so by now to make it more official. I will eat healthy nutritious food everyday except for that 1 free day of enjoying a bit of junkie. I will choose SATURDAY for it, any other day limited to good nutritious food yay, i know good nutritious food would be yummy too…

I am not gonna make limitation of what kind of foods as if in the diets before , only that i know would be nutritionist and good for the body.

So what I GOTTA DO NOW,..

1. check out whats in my fridge, are they healthy, if not do not eat, if u can’t hold throw or give it away.

2. Food diary in small pocket books to carry around every day n write all ur consume of       food. the more simple your daily eat easier to write (not make it like huge long food               list) hahha.

3. A day of 30 minutes minimum of exercise everyday in one week. Tidak akan                         membatasi tipe olahraganya. Yang penting dalam sehari ada 30 sporty move.

4. Ga sering2 menimbang dueh,.. bikin sutres ajha.. hihi.. just gonna do my plan and             stick it and my next weighting is gonna be end of this month of JANUARY. As there               are 12 months in a year, I would do measurements 12 times.. why coz im not in a                     hurry instant weightloss i just need progress that sticks.

It’s time untuk meramu ya… dan pastinya akan tak update kalau sudah berhasil..or at least half the way there 😉