Namaste Jakarta Yoga Healing Well Being Festival 2010 in Detail

6 Dec

The Namaste Program Yoga Festival in Jakarta is a success. There were many participants when I got there. It is difficult for me to choose which classes I should pick since all the programs seems very2 good.

Finally for the 8 to 10 class i have chosen to choose the Bo Srey Class for Anusara Yoga: Stepping into the transformational current of Grace All Level , it has taught us to understand ourselves by being sensitive towards ourselves, and by sensiivity you will feel the transformational current of Grace. He himself has been through almost at the rock bottom but through yoga finds the balance of life and has been specializing it. The class made me sweat so much, it really2 tiring yet refreshng .. so glad i joined this class, as for the second class, i then move on to David Moreno (Hatha) class where in here i have a deep flow yoga, it is also very good.

At lunch time, i spent with my new friends to have unch together by the pool. There is an entertainment from pencak silat students and they are very good indeed and they were like doing yoga (the styles hehehe)

we have a lot of seller there, all types of matras, etc. this is a great place to chat. There are also food sellers there. It was complete, even the coconut were there drink the coconut drink yumyum..

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After the break I was very confused on whether to go to Rina Poerwadi class or WHAT IS YOGA faculty panel discussion with Rebecca, Frank , Stephen, Twee, Olop , Patrick, David, Rudy and Bo. It turned out that I chose the faculty yoga instead, because those are the expert of yoga coming from all over the world so when will I be able to discuss and chat with them. So I went to the class and I have met the great yoga teachers, thank fully I joined this class a lot of things learnt regarding Yoga. Their life experience is shared and all the advantages of yoga and there were few down moments of exercising the Yoga, but then they move on to still doing it because also to maintain their body and health because we live in a body that we must take care. I also thankful I joined this panel so that I know which class I will be participating for the next day.  actually the class not ywt finished by 4 but I had to go and I couldn’t join the 4-6 class. Hiks …

At home, my muscle a bit sore that is because it has been long since I started exercising again. I was before forbidden to practice anything because afraid that im too tired to get pregnant, but then I really2 gotta do exercise… it feels great…

Anyway next morning I joined Stephen Thomas class. He is very nice in explaining, very detailed and very good and not go straight to the advance and do yoga but also we discuss a lot of stuff.

Next class I am so curious about Twee class because she seems so nice and very in peace when they had the discussion forum. So I have decided to join the next class with her which is the 10.30 – 12.30 class. And indeed the class is really good, located at the Lawn podium, and breeze with the air and it is so peaceful, with the songs and also it was very peaceful that 1 teenage Australian gal, continue to sobbing and cry when we lay down and closed our eyes in part of the yoga class. At first I thought, what’s wrong and she keeps on crying and perhaps she gets too emotionally carried away by the peacefulness and perhaps she was having trouble, that twee then ask us to gather her and gives her a sense of peacefulness by meditating together.

Then again I was about to have lunch , when a friend of mine, just met there, and came from Sulawesi wanted to join the prenatal class. She wasn’t pregnant but want to see how to teach the prenatal. I was becoming curious also and so I got there and joined the class. So now I know to do the prenatal yoga if anydays I get pregnant and if people want to know simply ask me ehhehe.

I was then continue on with my next class at 13.30-15.30 which is Rebecca class for the Kundalini Yoga for Reduce , Reuse , Recycle, yoga in and off the mat. I have been longing to meet Rebecca once again, I met her before at the Bali Spirit Festival last year and I so looked forward to being in her class. And I was not mistaken, I got really happy and joyful and ful of peace in joining her class.

Next class is the last class and I was so confused to do the dancing with twee or to go to Patrck Creelman (Anusara) The perfect class.

Luckily I did the right thing by joining the Patrick class, since I am preparing to teach yoga, and in here he explained both theory and practique about teaching yoga. You wanna know how he taught me? In next edition I will have it full coverage of the teaching of Patrick so wait for my next blog.

Eventually, this experience had made me feel brand new, living in a routinity of work of daily life sometimes makes you feel not so good, and workshop like these are one of the tools to meditate and really get out of your daily life and do something useful and joyful

Sebastian (above picture) is also a french Yoga instructor, yet he has lived his 1 and a half year at Yogya teaching Yoga. His place there to teach is Sangam House. Jalan Pandega Siwi No.14 Jalan Kaliyrang KM 5, 6 Jogjakarta phone: +62274562132. He wil be coming back to Jakarta for a workshop and i will definitely come .. you can email also to or that is just something i want to share with you guys

In Twee’s class she also explain regarding in life, we should believe what we do small affect a great scale of what can be happen. One smile from one person can determine another’s day. So if you come to work and see somebody looking at you frowningly, it could affect your day, so it could also affect somebody for a longer impact. Twee class has Sebastian from france also teaching, I got to practice my French, bonjour ca va etc and he will be having a workshop in Jakarta so I’ll be looking forward for that at the RUMAH YOGA Jakarta. Twee also remind us to help keep the green for the further generations. As we should give them the best home they suppose to have.

Twee is actually living in Bali and she has the programs that she will conduct later on just to share incase any of you are interested, so glad to share the info:

DESA SENI PRESENTS Prana Flow Teacher Training Retreats with Twee Merrigan

March 13-19 , 2011
fluid power Immersion and teacher training
Balispirit Yoga+Music festival (March 23-27,2011)

July 30-August 14, 2011
Prana Flow Bali Immersion Part 1: 100 hr Teacher Training Program

November 12-27,2011
Prana flow Bali Immersion Part 2: 100 hour teacher training program

all programs offer Yoga Alliance accredited certification

for more info to register:,, http://www.tweeyoga,com

if something nice is good to share , why not share .. 🙂

Coming back to the event,

As Rebecca’s class , the one i missed most she taught us that life should be about others too, never think of just ourselves must involve others and we can teach surround us the meditation etc. I think it is very good idea to share our knowledge to surround us. She also has this mantra that we sang together, she also mentioned about the issue we had before that Yoga is against the religion in here, but then she said, it was wrong, it just add the spiritual feeling and make you more focused on our praying just like what I mentioned before in the bali spirit festival edition.

In Patrick class I pretty much very joyful join his class, since the class is with glass we can see in the lawn podium TWEE’s class dancing trance music etc, I really like the song and the trance dance, but then again it was the end of the day so tired with one full day of the yoga class, if only I had more powers. There were funny though doing the Michael Jackson Dance and all other dance usher etc and mocking us who were studying funnily seeing them dance around. We were in a class so seriously doing the Patrick perfect class workshop, but I learnt a lot for him to when the day I teach Yoga. Need to learn a lot though..


2 Responses to “Namaste Jakarta Yoga Healing Well Being Festival 2010 in Detail”

  1. revtest reviews 18 October 2013 at 8:24 am #

    You actually make it appear sso easy with your presentation but I
    find this topic to be actually something which I think I’d never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very vast for me. I am having a look forward for your subsequent put up, I
    will try to get the hang of it!

    • rifanyarlianti 10 November 2013 at 8:44 pm #

      Hi sorry to have just gotten back to you, you mean the programs are too complicated or the way I wrote it? Well there were so many programs that perhaps the information were so overwhelming 🙂 but the programs are fun, you can choose among many programs on that 2 days event that you need to carefully choose which you prefer, do some research before you join NAMASTE on the classes based on the schedule. Good luck

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