Yin-Yoga & Meditation: 3 days Workshop with Sebastian Pucelle 16,17 &18 Sept 2011

11 Sep

Yin-Yoga & Meditation

3 days Workshop with Sebastian Pucelle
At Rumah Yoga
16,17 & 18 of September 2011

Sebastian Pucelle

Sebastian Pucelle

What is YIN-YOGA?

The practice of YIN-YOGA is naturally evolving toward meditation, as Yogi our effort on the path go toward an understanding of the nature of the mind.

YIN-YOGA spontaneously bring us closer to this understanding, the calmness and relaxed approached allow the practitioner to integrate more easily breath awareness, the Asanas are design mainly to open the lower body which enable oneself to sit for longer time and lessen discomfort.
Ready to practice and explore MEDITATION.

Candi Ijo Shoelace-1

Candi Ijo Shoelace-1

The Workshop will start with an open Class on Friday evening.


• Exploring the mains sitting Meditation Posture
• Learning the relation between Yoga and Meditation
• Studying the 5 Hindrances to Meditation
• Looking at the 8 Limbs of Raja-Yoga


• Looking at the 20 main Yin Yoga poses with variation
• 4 Yin-Yoga Session including Pranayama & Shavasana
• 4 Introduction Meditation Session based on breath awareness & visualization

17h30 to 19h00 Open Yin-Yoga class (Friday evening)
9h00 to 12h00 Yin-Yoga Practice follow by 30 Minutes Meditation
14h00 to 17h00 Yin-Yoga Practice follow by 30 Minutes Meditation

This workshop is designed to benefit beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

About Sebastian.

Sebastian has been studying yoga internationally; in Europe and Asia since 1995. His personal journey through Yoga started under the guidance of Gingi Lee with Asthanga Yoga at the Sangam Studio (London)
and Hatha Yoga at the Sivananda Center ( London), following a 200 hours Teacher training Course (T.T.C) at the Sivananda Ashram in 09/2004 (Austria).
Then studied further in Hatha Yoga with Archaya Venkatesh at the Atma Vikasa School following a 2 months International T.T.C in Mysore 02-03/2007 (India).
Discovering Yin Yoga in his early years in London with Sarah Power, Sebastian undertook a 170 hours T.T.C in Yin Yoga with Victor Chng in 09/2009-04/2011 (Singapore).
Lately completing a 30 hours Yin-Yoga Alliance teacher training with Paul Grilley 02/2011 (Singapore).

With extensive training in a broad spectrum of yogic disciplines, Sebastian’s teaching blends both Yin & Yang sequences with guided breath-work and meditation. To create session that ranges from intense and vigorous to relaxing and deeply meditative.
Sebastian’s teaching is enhanced by 8 years experience as a Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, and 10 years as a Martial art Instructor holding a black Belt 2nd Dan in Taido. Another major influence is until now the study of Buddhism and especially the Practice of Vipassana & Jhanas Meditation.

Sebastian is now based in Indonesia teaching regularly in the city of Yogayakarta at the Sangam House (Facebook Sangam-House), Via-via (www.viaviajogja.com), Amanjiwo (www.amanresorts.com), and d’Omah Retreat (www.domahretreat.com).
Also giving workshop throughout Indonesia to help people familiarize with the practice of Yin Yoga.

Email : yogawithsebastian@gmail.com


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