My Brand New June

1 Jun

It’s been a while since I write my blog.  It’s half year already in 2013 and I think I need to consider things to do for the rest of the year. Some people like to go with the flow, go where life takes you .. but for me I love the deadline, the list of things to be done by the end of the year. Though sometimes when out of the 14 lists I made throughout the year I fullfil 5 or 6, still the list needed for me getting in track of what to do in life. So, now half the year has passed and I needed to recheck everything.  C’est tres parfait? non, just that it suits me that way, so that i won’t lost track of time and life. 

At the beginning of my life in the 30s… reflect back in time that I have spent in this earth for 30 wow kind of years… then time will passes by asap, soon and I won’t and would not like it to go by without great moments. Some has their own special moments, just being with the family at home already is a moment, but some others may consider there are just about some other moments needed to make it counted as special moments. 

I may be one of them and maybe not, may need a bit of extreme flavor in life for me to make that special moments. What would that be? 



TRAVELLING, new places, new spots, just being adventurous are great. Yet time and conditions and routinities sometimes just make u unable to do so.. A friend of mine said i go to bali like i go to the mall, ahaha,.. just that there are many things to explore there and have special friends of mine there who like to go places like moi,, riding motorcycle (well for me behind the person who ride it) and jump out to places unknown and adventurous for me is momentum.. 

for list of things needed to be done if i may as well share, is to be fluent at french, be more healthy and healthy and healthy, exercise even more, playing keyboard fluently, cook some more Indonesian recipes and design experts. Share me please some of your recipes if you don’t mind.  About this being healthy one, this I’d like to emphasize most, afterall it is a healthy blog. Would like to make a promise of my self that starting this June, I will and will always consider everything that goes into my mouth so carefully. (part of bein’ healthy). As I have written it in black and white hopefully it will stick as a written promise for me to always remember that in June 2013 I have made that promise. Should you want to join with me in this, please do. We know we made mistakes of course in the past for not sticking to the diet plan or be over-indulge, but yet the solution is not to blame and do even worse, but to realize it and start making changes now. Now, Now and Now , why Now ? coz most often we said tomorrow, yet the next day, we will say again, tomorrow, and will never start. 

Come and join with me in  the state of health and joyful things we could do.  Make every second in our life count, we have lost track of time of being in the traffic jam for hours and hours, lets make the rest of the day or weekends count. Though I know sometimes we’re too tired to do activities in weekend due to the hectic weekdays, but I think we need to be able to squeeze in something right, squeeze in your exercise routine, and daily diet, your hang out time with pals, your family moments, your study deadlines (french speaking me), your travelling moments.. this is the promise I shall make and shall need to be done now.. 🙂 asap. One thing for sure leaves great feelings, sporty things like dance, body combat. fresh so fresh you can hardly feel bad about anything after it. 

One other thing, I think we won’t feel as energized if we don’t do good deeds.. I know that I feel something is missing if we let daily as just that routinities without anything else, you know that if you do good things you don’t have to tell everyone, but it’s good to remind each other, remind myself that there are things, even small things can be done to eventually change the world. pretty ambitious huh.. ambitious me as always.  We could start doing good deed, helping out, join a community where you could help out the poor, or simply gives for the poor.. anything anything or even a smile,sometimes people are too caught up, too tense, too scared, that a simple smile would help the day a lot for him/her/us. Help a friend who is down about something. Help someone crosses the street. 

So there goes, happy beginning of June everyone, let us think of what needed to be done ahead. You may or may not agree with me in rethinking everything but hey I just say whats on my mind, aight.. 🙂 cheerios..



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