Preparation and what to do in living in Amman – Jordan

1 Sep


When your life gotta change totally, what would you do? You adapt definitely. When i was told that husband was going to be posted in Jordan, I prepare myself immediately of course.


The worst  thing you can do is being negative about moving abroad . It is always exciting to move to new culture new places anywhere in the world. I enjoy the adventure I enjoy the opportunity and the positivity vibe that you bring will determine your feeling in staying abroad.

I browsed around and saw so many beautiful places here in Jordan that I would want to visit. Places like Dead Sea, Petra, Amman Waves, Roman Theathre, and many museums and many more

11796384_10153023770100418_4386305439426535141_nIf you are a city girl like me, and love to hang outs, here they have a lot of that. Especially if you love shopping they have a lot of malls like MECCA MALL, TAJ MALL, BARACCA MALL, AVENUE MALL, GALELRIA MALL and CITIMALL and others.

Ice cream would also be your most favorite food here in Summer haha..  I love ice cream which they called Bozza , especially the pistachios one!

The food Falafel is so amazing and delicious , yummy yummy yummy.

11822826_10153044654575418_3846332905268683187_n 11825222_10153044654820418_3107173352266416571_n 11145166_10153044654710418_8333124762801849597_n 11051870_10153044654780418_3620572363734373069_n  11831786_10153031180790418_4303408770641145902_n

There are few tips you can prepare before going to Amman and few things to do  there : Only been here for a montrh a got a lot to explore.

  1. Joiin the and write that you are planning to go to Amman and then you will get heaps of Information there , I went to certain events and sometimes are good. You can just be basic member first. I met my British bestfriend from here hehe.
  2. Prepare for the clothing for the 4 seasons in Amman
  3. Join – I’ve gained some really nice friends from here.
  4. When you come in summer be noted that it will be extra extra hot hahaha..
  5. Visited all of the great places there
  6. Living in a close by place to the centre make it easier , like Abdoum , Umm Uthaina and Sweifieh \
  7. Be friendly but not too friendly to cab driver
  8. Watch out for the driving,just be careful.
  9. Enjoy your life in Amman
  10. Learn Arabic in Amman
  11. You could also learn French here haha…
  12. Getting used to arabic songs especially for trhe dancing ones haha.

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